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Autobrite Direct Magnificent 7 Wheel Woolies Set 


Howdy partners, there's a new posse in town! I hereby give thee the Magnificent Seven, an elite band of wheel brushes, specifically designed to combat every possible design of wheel, and eradicate them of dirt. From the biggest gaps, down to the smallest, there is a different sized brush to suit your every need (largest to smallest: Shotgun, Rifle, 6 Shooter, .357, Pistol, Revolver). For those here partners with mobility issues, or simply to get behind your spokes of your wagon and onto the rear of the faces, there is a special angled brush (The Double Barrel) that will rid your wheels of the pesky dirt.

The Magnificent Seven are tooled up to the hilt with the finest quality lambswool to ensure they are gentle and safe to use on all wheel finishes. Combined with the sturdy handles, The Magnificent Seven are a band of brushes to be reckoned with, they make dirt disappear with a bang!

The Usual Suspects - Brush Sizes: 

The Rifle - 460mm long, 180mm wool length 
The Shotgun - 450mm long, 240mm wool length
The 6 Shooter - 450mm long, 190mm wool length
The Pistol - 300mm long, 140mm wool length
The Revolver - 200mm long, 100mm wool length
The 357 - 250mm long, 130mm wool length
The Double Barrell - 350mm long, 150mm wool length


Apply your chosen wheel cleaner such as BriteGel or Very Cherry Non Acid to the alloy wheel - follow specific instructions for the product on how to use etc. Choose from the right sized brush from The Magnificent 7 kit, apply your chosen wheel cleaner to the Mag 7 brush and work into the wheel rim/spokes in a forward back and fourth motion. Rinse in your AD Wheels bucket from time to time to clean the dirty water from the brush. The 7 brushes in the kit will clean your wheels safely and leave them squeaky clean!

Caring for your genuine wool brushes is very easy to do, simply rinse every brush under cold tap water (not dirty water) and squeeze dry all brushes to remove excess dirty water, i.e the brushes should be almost dry when finished. Then pop them in a warm area to air dry thoroughly. Do not place them in a wet bag or such like as the brushes may rot. 

DO NOT leave in any water for any period of time, if left in water the wool may rot. 

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