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Diamondbrite Paint Protection

Car Paint Protection Systems

Protecting your car paint work is achieved by applying a Car Paint Protection System which forms a permanent barrier layer on the existing paint finish of your car. This permanent barrier effectively seals the paint in and prevents dirt, grime and pollution bonding to the paint whilst providing a protective shield against ultraviolet rays from the sun. Paint projection is different to waxing and polishing, which wears away over a relatively short period of time sometimes as quickly as a couple of weeks.

Smart Valeting UK Ltd provide a complete mobile car, caravan and boat paint protection service using paint protection systems from the industry’s leading brands including Diamondbrite, Caravanbrite and Diamondbrite Marine.


Diamondbrite protects your car across a number of different areas including car paint protection and fabric and is unique because of its two-stage application process. Backed by a lifetime warranty.


Caravanbrite. The ultimate in paint and fabric protection for your caravan or motorhome. Once treated the painted surfaces of your caravan or motorhome will remain glossy and stain resistant for the time you own the vehicle – guaranteed!

Diamondbrite Marine

Diamondbrite. Marine When applied correctly, the Diamondbrite Marine range protects external surfaces from common causes of damage. These include sunlight, acid rain, salt, swirl marks and bird lime among many others...

As an independent company, we can offer the best advice on which protection system best suits your car, caravan or boat (unlike main dealers which are tied to a particular supplier). Also, we can offer substantial savings on dealer prices for these treatments.

Our paint, fabric and alloy wheel protection treatments are applied by a full trained technician at a time and location that suits you. All treatments are fully backed by a minimum 3-year warranty.

Diamondbrite Paint Protection By Smart Valeting UK Ltd

  • Road Grit, Salts and Tar

  • Tree Sap

  • UV Light

  • Bird Droppings

  • Temperature Cycles

  • Insect Fluids

  • Acid Rain and Atmospheric Pollutants

Protecting The Exterior Of Your Car

As a result of increasing environmental demands, all car manufacturers must now use water based paints when producing new vehicles. Though these paints are more environmentally responsible, they are susceptible to oxidisation and fading.

Diamondbrite is designed to provide added levels of protection to all types of bodywork, ideal for maintaining and protecting this new type of paint. Made from refined rock oils, Diamondbrite will create a tough and durable glaze when applied by an approved supplier, complete with a guarantee as standard.

The tough, glossy skin that Diamondbrite creates will protect your car from dirt, traffic film, tree sap and other pollutants by preventing direct contact with the paint work itself.

As an added benefit, colour fading from Ultraviolet light and nitrate etching from bird droppings can also be prevented (assuming the bodywork is washed within 7 days and treated with the Diamondbrite conserver).

Once treated with Diamondbrite, your car will look as it did when leaving the production line and you will never have to polish it again. Your car will appear to be brand new, further increasing its re-sale value.

To retain this superior appearance, just wash down the bodywork with Diamondbrite shampoo, before using the conserver on a monthly basis. Future supplies are provided during the initial application, with additional products available to order from Smart Valeting UK Ltd.

Protecting The Interior Of Your Car

When carrying out the Diamondbrite fabric protection process, each fibre within the interior of the car is protected with an invisible resin-based material. When the treatment is complete, the fabric of your interior will be protected against everyday stains and spills.

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